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Moirails, Cats, and Sopor Slime Ch. 33
==> Be Gamzee.
"Woah there, brother," you exclaim, pushing him back, "what's with this all of the sudden?"
Tavros looked taken aback and his face bloomed with embarrassment. He fumbled backwards away from you, stuttering.
"Uh, oh, um, w-well, you see, I, oh dear..." he stumbled with a sigh.
The Taurus looked down at the floor, picking at the thick carpeting. The air was so thick, you could almost feel it weighing down your lungs as you breathed in the awkward tension.
"I just... thought maybe I could..." he cleared his throat, "I'm just really confused... things happened... it reminded me of you. And I thought maybe there was a reason I was reminded of you. Like, maybe I was wrong to turn you down like I did."
Tavros' voice cracked here and there as he talked slightly faster with every passing second. You let him ramble on for a minute as you space out. This whole situation has given you a strange feeling in your gut.
"And I thought maybe if I kissed you, I could find out if you were '
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We'll Carry On by MecusChibi-chan We'll Carry On :iconmecuschibi-chan:MecusChibi-chan 5 1
Moirails, Cats, and Sopor Slime Ch. 32
⇒ Be Gamzee.
You're a little nervous leaving Karkat home alone, but you know he can manage. Besides, you're only going to be gone for a few hours. Tavbro was waiting for you. You quickly scribble out a note and leave it on the table before heading out, just so Karkat doesn't worry his thinkpan.
As you head in the direction of Tavros' house you can't help but all up and wonder what your bro needs. It was kinda weird that he wanted to hang out all of a sudden. It'd probably been a good four months since you talked to him last. And it wasn't a real nice talk either. You had gotten into a fight over your feelings for him...
"Uh, I'm sorry Gamzee. I just don't feel that way about you..." the Taurus twiddled his thumbs, blushing out of embarrassment and refusing to make eye contact.
You felt crushed. You had been almost positive that Tavros had feelings for you. He took all your flirts and even reciprocated them. You didn't understand.
"We've been friends for so long... I, uh,
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Moirails, Cats, and Sopor Slime Ch. 31
⇒ Be Karkat.
Ugh. What the fuck happened? Your head is pounding and your eyes are heavy as you try to open them.
The room is dark. A pale sliver of moonlight creeps through the window, leaving it's mark on the wooden floor of the bedroom. It's cold, as though a window was left open, causing you to shiver. Begrudgingly, you crawl out from under the warm blankets, stretching as your feet touch the floor. You trudge to the window, hugging yourself to keep warm, and check to make sure it's closed.
There's a tired groan behind you. Turning around, you find Gamzee sitting up, rubbing his eyes with his shirt sleeve. His hair is sticking out in all sorts of ways
"Karkat?" he mumbles.
"Yeah?" You whisper, sitting back down on the bed.
He's looking at you with groggy eyes that glow a fluorescent green in the moonlight.
"Too cold?"
"No. I got it."
Gamzee fiddles silently. It's obvious something is bothering him, but he looks like he's having trouble getting it out.
You blink
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Moirails, Cats, and Sopor Slime Ch.30
⇒ Be Tavros.
Uh... Are you sure you want to be Tavros? Wouldn't you rather be Dave? He's much more confident. No? Alright then... If you say so.
Dave is staring you down with an unreadable expression. It's making you extremely nervous. His eyes are shockingly bright red. It's not normal for humans to have such a iris color. For a troll, it's normal for your irises to change color once you are about eight or nine sweeps old, which is almost 18 in human years.
"So..." Dave awkwardly clears his throat, "Now that we've got the basics, we should take a break. I'm starving."
"Ok. That sounds good," you agree.
You follow Dave into the kitchen. He heads straight for the fridge, grabbing 2 containers of apple juice from the bottom shelf.
"Can you catch?"
You nod and hold your hands out as he tosses the bottle in your direction. The bottle is cold as you fumble it slightly, but successfully catch it. Dave cracks open his juice, taking a large swig. Swallowing with a satisfactory sig
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Mature content
Moirails, Cats, and Sopor Slime Ch.29 :iconmecuschibi-chan:MecusChibi-chan 4 4
Mature content
Moirails, Cats, and Sopor Slime Ch.28 :iconmecuschibi-chan:MecusChibi-chan 3 2
Special Star Dust by MecusChibi-chan Special Star Dust :iconmecuschibi-chan:MecusChibi-chan 1 0
Moirails, Cats, and Sopor Slime Ch.27
⇒ Be Dave.
Well this is a drag. You were supposed to go to Six Flags with Bro today, but he had to work unexpectedly. You don't even know what he does for work. Egbert is busy today, he's going on a date with Vriska. Rose and Jade took an "all-girls-vacation" to Hawaii with Terezi, Nepeta, Kanaya to go visit Feferi. And you're stuck alone at home. Being bored as fuck. Like a loser. This is not what you thought your summer vacation would be like.
You sigh as you flop yourself down on your bed and check your phone. Still no messages from anyone. They're all off having fun without you. As you turn over on your stomach, Cal appears by your bed and sits there staring at you. What a creepy ass motherfucking puppet. You never understood why Bro kept him.
"Go away, Cal," you groan into your pillow.
Of course, he doesn't go anywhere and just stares at you. Like usual, you just ignore him.
God, you are so fucking bored! You check your phone again. Wasn't this the definition of insan
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Moirails, Cats, and Sopor Slime Ch.26
⇒ Be Gamzee.
You feel Karkat's arms hugging you back. He's so small, the top of his head barely reaches your chin. You can't help but notice how adorable he looks. A warm feeling tickles your tummy, causing you to smile.
"I missed you so motherfucking much, bro. You don't even know."
Karkat's mouth moves silently against your chest and you can feel the warmth of his breath through your shirt.
He looks up at you, propping his chin on your chest. A light blush has painted his cheeks.
"My stomach hurts..." he scowls.
"Aw, I told you not to eat so fast, Karkat," you sigh, "Come here."
You lead him into the spare bedroom, avoiding the messy pillow fort in your bedroom. Sitting on the bed, you pull him next to you, telling him to lay down.
"Where exactly is the hurt at, motherfucker?"
Karkat gives a confused look before cautiously pointing in a circle around his stomach, "Here."
You reach your hand over and hike up his shirt. He starts to protest, but is interrupted by y
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I will no longer be using this account.
However, I'm not going to delete it.
I'm too lazy to move everything over, so I'm just going to leave it here.
My new account is
Thank you all for being so amazing. (:


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